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Sponsored Dogs and Cats

We have sponsored over 350 senior dogs and cats, helping pay their medical bills and finding them forever homes. 

We at NEAS would love to thank you for all the help that Danny Boy has given to help us find homes for so many senior animals! I fully believe that a miracle happens every single time Danny Boy steps up to sponsor an animal here! It seems even animals that have sat here for months go home as soon as you put the check in the mail! Your most recent sponsorship of Ruby the hound just goes to prove this again! The instant I was informed the check was in the mail to sponsor her she found her family! Thank you for all you do for these amazing animals!

Becca Toltz, Volunteer Manager at Northeast Animal Shelter

Hi There!

This is Pooh Bear ... the very first dog that The Danny Boy Adoption Fund helped. This handsome guy needed eye surgery before he could go to a forever home. The Fund made that surgery possible and from Pooh Bear's smile you can see he was more than grateful.


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Poppi is our latest ambassador, rescued by Faithful Friends Pet Rescue and Rehoming in Gainesville, Florida and adopted from The Levy County Animal Shelter. He was given a second chance in life by an amputation of a painful leg and rotting teeth. In true Danny Boy style he sends the message that Senior Shelter Dogs are
true Golden Treasurers. 




Our Ambassadors

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